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The GENYMAB range belongs to a new generation of multifunctional composite machines that combines CNC lathe of a CNC lathe and a 5 axes machining center performances.

With quality and proven technologies, this range of machines increases productivity and accuracy compare traditional means for many machined parts. With less production cycles and intermediate storages, the production cost is reduced as working capital requirement.

To do all part machining in a single equipment, reduce delivery times,  and provide a source of progress: these are the complementary interests of this modern means which mechanics world will not dispense any more.

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technical data sheet
Genymab 40010004008"73 - 105430 read more
Genymab 400 BR TA10004008"73 - 105430 read more
Genymab 400 VERTICAL3003008"73430 read more
Genymab 630A2-15"6308" -> 11"105 -> 120.5700 read more
Genymab 630 L16006308" -> 11"105 -> 120.5700 read more
Genymab 630 XL21006308" -> 11"105 -> 120.5700 read more