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Food processing - Teaching and research


For food and drug industry, excellent surface finish brings the guarantee of being clean, sterilized effectively. With our RECONSTITUTED GRANITE beds that have the capacity to damp 8 times more vibrations than a cast iron frame. the machining quality is increased and quite only depends on tool geometry and cutting parameters. Another advantage, with less vibrations, machining tools life increases.

In teaching and research centres , this vibration absobtion capacity provides comfort machining from painful vibration worries for a professional quality result. The friendly interface does not request programming language ISO knowledge. The machine is easy to use, beter than manual one, less complicated than automated one, but still precise.

  • Customer references : ENIT, Education nationale - Centres de formation – CNRS, Education nationale, Centres de Formation, Ecoles d’Ingénieurs, Centres d’essais.

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